"Organizer" - DESIGNWORKS Foundation
"Exhibition" - 25 Years of Design
"Exhibition Venue" - Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
"Visitors" - any person who visits 25 Years of Design organized by DESIGNWORKS Foundation
"Exhibitor" - a sole proprietor, a partnership or a limited company applying to exhibit at the Exhibition or, as the case may be, whose application to exhibit at the Exhibition has been accepted by the Organizer. For the purpose of doubt, "Exhibitor" shall include all employees' representatives and agents of such sole proprietor, partnership or limited company.

Please read the terms of use set forth below, as they apply to visitors' entry to entry to 25 Years of Design.

1. Rules and Regulations

Visitor registration for the Exhibition, or entry to entry to 25 Years of Design, signifies visitors acceptance of these Rules and Regulations and any other rules and regulations referenced herein or reasonably notified to visitors at the Exhibition venue, with which visitors agree to observe and comply.

Visitors do not have the Organizer's permission to attend, and may not attend, the Exhibition without confirming visitors' acceptance of these Rules and Regulations in writing prior to visitors' attendance.

2. Visitor's Conduct

Visitors shall not do or permit to be done any action which causes or may cause any disturbance, nuisance, annoyance, inconvenience, damage or danger to any person or thing or which in the opinion of the Organizer does not conform to the general standards of the Exhibition or constitutes a breach of these Rules and Regulations.

Organizer reserve the right to refuse admittance to any visitor or to require any visitor to leave if their behavior is in breach of these Rules and Regulations, or contravenes applicable laws or regulations. Organizer's opinion is final in this regard.

3. Liability

Organizer shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to any of visitors property occurring in or about the Exhibition venue, or for the death of or any injury sustained by any visitor whilst in or about the Exhibition venue, other than for death or injury resulting from organizer‘s negligence or which otherwise cannot be excluded or restricted at law.

Visitors agree that organizer shall not incur any liability to visitors for any goods or services offered or sold by, or representations made by, any Exhibitor at the Exhibition.

Visitors agree to indemnify and hold organizer harmless against any damage or allegations of damage caused by visitors to the property, business or reputation of organizer, other Exhibitors or Visitors or the operator of the Exhibition venue, including but not limited to damages arising from visitors' breach of these Rules and Regulations.

Visitors agree that organizer shall not incur any liability to visitors for any error or omission in any information relating to any Exhibitor or its products in the Exhibition's official directory or in any other promotional or other printed materials or information provided by organizer or that Exhibitor.

4. Recording

Visitors shall not record images in any form while attending the Exhibition without organizer's prior written consent. Such prohibition includes, but is not limited to, the taking of photographs, video or digital recording of any type and drawing or sketching of images. Visitors agree to surrender to organizer on demand whatever media on which images may be recorded in violation of this rule.

The copyright and other intellectual property or other rights (including for the avoidance of doubt, rights in sound recording and broadcasts) in materials created in violation of this clause 4, whether arising now or in the future, shall belong to organizer unconditionally from the time of their creation, and visitors agree to do all acts and execute all such documents as may be required to properly vest the same.

Visitors agree to indemnify and hold organizer harmless against all claims, liabilities, losses, proceedings, damages, judgments, expenses, costs (including legal fees) and charges of any kind howsoever incurred by or on behalf of or made against organizer arising out of any infringement or other claim relating to or arising out of the unauthorized making of any recordings by visitors.

Visitors acknowledge and agree that organizer may take photographs/videos which could include images of visitors while attending the Exhibition. Visitors hereby consent to and grant to organizer, the unrestricted, perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free and transferable right and license to use such images worldwide without any compensation. Visitors acknowledge that we are the exclusive owner of all rights in such images and hereby waive (a) any and all rights in and to them, and (b) any and all claims visitors may have relating to or arising from organizer use of them.

5. Privacy Policy

For information about organizer's privacy policies and practices, please refer to organizer's Privacy Policy Statement. Visitors agree to the use and disclosure of visitors' information in the manner set out in organizer's Privacy Policy Statement http://www.jewelry.org.hk/en/privacy.php (as updated from time to time).

6. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms of Use shall be governed by the law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Visitors agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts.

7. Chinese Version

If there is any conflict or difference between the Chinese version of the Terms of Use and its English version, the English version prevails. If any part of the Chinese version is unclear, reference should be made to the English version.